COVID-19 UPDATE with Tips for Home, Church, and School

News about the COVID-19, the coronavirus, is coming at us all fast and furious.  It is an every changing and evolving story effecting people far and near.  As Christians, we are called to pray for those who have already been effected by the virus, especially those who have lost family and friends.  We are also called, as Christians, to be people of hope, to not give into fear, and to protect the most vulnerable in our midst.

One of the ways we can do that most appropriately is to keep ourselves informed, take the coronavirus seriously as we apply practical behaviors and actions to our lives as individuals and as a community.  This is how we can be a source of calm in the storm.  We would like to provide to you with some valid and vital information from sources we trust (UPDATED with New Links as of 3/12/2020):

We will be constantly evaluating the status of the virus locally and are making preparations to change , if necessary, any of our Sunday rituals or communal habits or church/school best-practices as the situation changes.  Please continue to pray for those who have been most effected by the coronavirus.  And let us actively do our part to be Christ’s agents of healing and wholeness in our homes, church, school, community, and world.

Peace. Love. Understanding.

-Pastor Darryl

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