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Families – of all sizes, configurations and hues – are cherished at KCC. We offer a meaning- and joy-filled faith formation program for children, from infancy through high school. In addition to our weekly Sunday School, KCC provides a host of learning, service, and friendship-building opportunities for our youngest members.

Children and youth have so much to teach us about our faith. They lead worship, music and special events throughout the year including Youth Sunday, Rally Day, Palm Sunday, the Children’s Christmas pageant, and the Family Christmas Eve service. In turn, KCC plays host to children and families at treasured annual community events – the Halloween Carnival, Las Posadas, Easter Egg Hunt, and the Memorial Day Pancake Breakfast.

Visiting for the first time? Ask an usher to be introduced to Barbara Runco, our Faith Programs Director

A Fall Message Faith Programs Director, Barbara Runco 

Happy fall!  We have a wonderful series of programs for youth and children in Faith Formation this fall. Check out the Halloween, Day of the Dead and Christmas events in 2019 and mark your calendars.  Continue reading Barbara’s letter here.



Calling All Ghosts & Ghouls!

KCC’s Annual Halloween Carnival Saturday October 26, 3 to 5 PM in Lander Hall

We are looking for all you ghosts, ghouls, vampires and witches to help with our Halloween Carnival. Look for the sign-up sheet in Lander Hall beneath the Bulletin Board for the many fun volunteer opportunities. So please mark your calendar and join us for the spooky, fun time withthe children of our neighborhood.   For more information, please contact Carol Hill: or Bonnie McCarthy:        Here are more details about the carnival.



Available Soon! 
Mountaintop Moments Book 

Order Your Copy Today

Pre-orders for KCC’s Mountain Moments Book- Order forms will be out on the Events Table in Lander Hall or download one here. Suggested donation for each book is $10. Books will be available mid to late October.


KCC Celebrates Preschool Sunday  October 20, at the 10 AM Service

Come Celebrate the 47 Years of the wonderful relationship between Kensington Preschool and Kensington Community Church.  At the 10 AM Service, we will have a special performance by the children of KPS, and a recognition of our amazing KPS director and teachers.  We encourage you to invite former students (short-term attendees and graduates) to attend, and of course, by attending yourself. Read more here.



Back this Fall … Our Whole Lives!

The Our Whole Lives and Sexuality and our Faith Program, known as The OWL Program, is back this fall!  In this article, meet the new trainers, find out why this is an important program for your family and get the 4-1-1 on the first of two parent info meetings on June 19th.



Fall 2019 Sunday School

Starting September 8th, join us at 10 AM Sundays in the sanctuary for Traditional Worship. Children and youth spend the first 10 minutes in worship and depart for Sunday School after the children’s message. Infants and toddlers can be dropped off upstairs in the nursery up to 30 minutes before worship.

  • Our Preschool through Kindergarten classes use Shine: Living In God’s Light, a curriculum that engages young children in the language and habits of worship—prayer, silence, song, and ritual.
  • 1st – 6th Grade students enjoy a themed based curriculum from Cornerstones, with workshops that enable them to magnify, dramatize, tease, cook up and dig deeply into Scripture.
  • 7th – 12th Grade Students study the gamut, often employing books, movies, multimedia, storytelling, role playing and hands-on learning. This year, they are meeting Old and New Testament ancestors with re:form videos and dialogues.

Baptism, Confirmation, and Our Whole Lives

It is with great joy that we offer the sacrament of Christian baptism. To discuss baptism with the minister, please call the church at 619.284.1129.

Confirmation is taught by our minister Rev. Darryl Kistler and our Faith Programs Director. The classes are offered for 6th grade and older students who are preparing to assume responsibility for their own faith journeys. At the end of Confirmation, the young people who elect to join, are welcomed into the church’s membership.

The award-winning Faith and Sexuality course, Our Whole Lives, is offered to 7th through 9th grade students, and older ones by request. As sexuality is a gift from God, we encourage young adults to articulate their values, consider consequences, and approach decisions with their faith in mind. It is a life saving program — that can prevent disease, and help young people talk in depth, honestly and without judgment, about their sexual health, relationships, gender identity, and their changing bodies.

Safe Church

We provide a safe, nurturing environment in which to grow, learn and worship. For details, see our Safe Church Policy. [Release Form| Photo/Media Release Form]

Children’s Library

Bordering Lander Hall is the Children’s Library, from which all children are welcome to borrow books on Sundays or any time when the church office is open. Check us out.

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