Join us for the Lenten Journey


Lent at Home Devotionals


This Lent, we are offering devotionals to guide you through this deeply spiritual season.  Each weekly devotional includes separate adult-friendly and family-friendly readings, prayers and activities.

Miss Barb is providing supportive videos that reflect on the weekly reading and providing additional ways to share the activities with your family or pod.

Download the Children & Family Devotional for Week 2

Download the Children & Family Devotional Week 1

Download the Adult Devotional for Week 2

Download the Adult Devotional Week 1

Watch Miss Barb’s Devotional Video for Week 2

Watch Miss Barb’s Devotional Video for Week 1


Palm Waiving Videos and Pics

Help us celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem by waiving your “palms” on Palm Sunday!  We encourage you to create a 10-second video or take a pic of you and your waiving “palms.” Watch our fun instructional video. These short videos and pics will be interspersed into our Worshipful Experience on Palm Sunday.

Totally be creative in what kind of “palms” you waive! The scriptures actually say the crowds waived “branches” and “clothes” as they shouted their Hosanas! But it doesn’t say what kind of branches or what kind of clothes.

  • Take a video or pic at home of your palm waiving, then please send it to us at KCC by Sunday, March 21 at info@kensingtonucc.com
    • If you need help taking a video or pic, or sending it to us, please reach out and we promise that we will help you with this.
  • Or we invite you to come to the KCC Courtyard on Saturday, March 6, from 4 – 6 PM and have your video or pic taken by Pastor Darryl. He’ll take a short video or a pic of you and yours waiving your “palms!”


Lenten Watch Services       

Join Pastor Darryl and your KCC Friends for a Watch Service of our weekly Worshipful Experience over Zoom on the first (February 21), third (March 7), and fifth (March 21) Sundays of Lent at 10:00 AM (Easter too!).  After each Watch Service is over, we will have a time of Fellowship from 10:45 AM to 11:30 AM.  You may join us for either or both.

These Zoom experiences occur on every other Sunday to avoid impacting Sunday School Classes that meet on the 2nd and 4th Sundays from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

The Worshipful Experiences will continue to debut on YouTube, Facebook, and our website each Saturday evening.


Alms Giving: Support Our International Mission Partners


Alms Giving is a traditional Lenten discipline that date backs to the earliest church The Ministry of Mission & Outreach invites you to make an Alms Covenant this Lent. Alms is a gift of compassion and mercy to the poor or those who suffer. This Season of Lent, MMO invites you

  • To donate Alms of a set amount ($.25 to $5.00 per day) each day of Lent starting Ash Wednesday and ending Palm Sunday.
  • To donate your Alms to KCC during Holy Week by sending us your Alm via snail mail in the form of cash or check, or donating online via our website or through our Give Plus app.
  • MMO will collect our Alms, tally the amount, and then evenly disperse three gifts to our three International Mission Partners:
    • Casas de Luz (Tijuana, Mexico)
    • Cambodian Village Fund (Cambodia)
    • Jojo’s Sanctuary (Thailand)

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