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The church’s liturgical year is a rich source of illumination and inspiration—12 months of the year. To hear some of the season’s recent sermons, click here. Check out the topics and themes we will explore in upcoming weeks:

Here are the themes for our worship services this month at KCC!  Gather at 8:30 AM or 10 AM for these wonderful times of communal worship of our Loving God!

Sunday, March 3.  Transfiguration Sunday.  The balance of mystery and actions, faith in Jesus and the faith of Jesus, and what the heck happened on that mountain anyway will be discussed and hopefully explained by Pastor Darryl.

Sunday, March 10.  1st Sunday of Lent.  We begin Lent in the Wilderness with Christ being faced with the temptations that we all face.  That’s what is so amazing about this story once the supernatural elements are stripped away – The Tempter doesn’t use anything we aren’t constantly tempted with, and yet, we often fail to overcome our temptations.  Christ on the other hand did not lean on his own understanding and strength but leaned into God for help.

Sunday, March 17.  2nd Sunday of Lent.  Jesus laments that Jerusalem, that place he loves and so wishes to be, is filled with “sin”, greed, and entitlement.  He laments that this beautiful place of holiness and sacredness has little interest in being holy or sacred.  Is he talking about Jerusalem or the church?

Sunday, March 24.  3rd Sunday of Lent.   At first glance the story we will read will sound harsh and judgmental by Jesus … but look closer and you’ll see that through some tough love, Jesus is communicating God’s unfailing, unconditional, and everlasting Grace for us all.

Sunday, March 31.  4th  Sunday of Lent.   It’s a classic!  The Prodigal Son.  It’s a story of a Father loving unconditionally a son that has done some pretty selfish, destructive, and entitled things that have caused real hurt.  But forgiveness and compassion and understanding is how the Father reacts.  What a lesson!  No wonder its a classic.



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