Worship Themes

The church’s liturgical year is a rich source of illumination and inspiration—12 months of the year. To hear some of the season’s recent sermons, click here. Check out the topics and themes we will explore in upcoming weeks:

Here are the themes for our worship services this month at KCC!  Gather at 8:30 AM or 10 AM for these wonderful times of communal worship of our Loving God!

Sunday, May 5.  2nd Sunday of Eastertide.  We welcome special guest, Heather Askew, who will be sharing her story and the story of Jojo’s Sanctuary and the wonderful work of love, justice, and healing that is taking place in Thailand in support of children who have been liberated from human trafficking.

Sunday, May 12.  3rd Sunday of Eastertide.  Mother’s Day.  In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ll hear about the work of some of the early matrons of the Christian movement as it is described in the Book of Acts.  The KCC Chancel Choir will also offer a wonderful rendition of the classic spiritual, I HEARD MY MOTHER SAY.

Sunday, May 19.  4th Sunday of Eastertide.  God is always expanding the circle of welcome and redemption.  The lines and walls we create that divide are knocked down by God’s love and grace.  The early church struggled with that … we struggle with this reality and truth.  But God offers us a blessing in diversity.  Let’s celebrate!

Sunday, May 25.  5th Sunday of Eastertide.  Listening to God in prayerful worship is one of the most intimate and powerful ways that God’s grace and love is communicated to us.  It can also inspire to share that love and grace with others.  The story of Lydia of Philippi is a testament to this truth.  We often talk about talking to God in prayer, but listening to God in prayer is equally if not more important.



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Easter Alleluia

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