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Meet Our Sabbatical Coverage Minister, Rev. Dr. David Pitt, following each service in Lander Hall on Sunday, March 11, 2018!  We are so excited that Rev. Pitt has agreed to be our coverage minister while Pastor Darryl is on Sabbatical (April 8-July 8, 2018).  We invite all of you to visit with Rev. Pitt this Sunday and make him feel that warm Kensington Community Church Welcome.  Click here to learn a little more about Rev. Pitt’s background and professional experience.



The church’s liturgical year is a rich source of illumination and inspiration—12 months of the year. To hear some of the season’s recent sermons, click here. Check out the topics and themes we will explore in upcoming weeks:

Here are the themes for our worship services this month at KCC!  Gather at 8:30am or 10am for these wonderful times of communal worship of our Loving God!


Sunday, February 4: SOUPER BOWL SUNDAY.   Using the miracle of the Feeding of the 5000, we will host a special communion service that ties into the breaking of the loaves and fishes as a symbol of how we can live into the ministry of Christ “to feed the hungry and give water to the thirsty” through our abundance of resources and faith.

Sunday, February 11.    Love your Frenemy!  Hear one of the only places in all of the Gospels where the Pharisees are seen as good guys instead of Jesus’ rivals and adversaries.  And if there were good Pharisees that break down the Christian stereotype, what does that say about who we stereotype and who we don’t see as complete people full of complexity as well as God’s grace?

Sunday, February 18:  1st Sunday of Lent.  We’ll begin our Lenten worship series, LENT: an Exodus Story, by delving into the rivalry between Joseph and his brothers.  This family is dysfunctional – full of betrayal, jealousy, and back-stabbing – and it is also sets the groundwork for what will grow into the Passover event.  It tells us a lot about how God works in mysterious ways as well as how we ought NOT live in relation to one another.

Sunday, February 25:  2nd Sunday of Lent.   After the betrayal comes the opportunity for forgiveness and reconciliation … oh, but how hard those things are when we’re hurt and angry.  But in the midst of those valid and justified emotions, God works God’s miracle of grace.  And we get to experience one of the most powerful stories of love and redemption found anywhere in the Bible.  Come experience the love!


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