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The church’s liturgical year is a rich source of illumination and inspiration—12 months of the year. To hear some of the season’s recent sermons, click here. Check out the topics and themes we will explore in upcoming weeks:

The Summer Months of 2017 at KCC has us using the 2nd Sacred Story to the Millenials {aka Harry Potter} to bring out the Good News!  Gather at 8:30am or 10am for these wonderful times of communal worship of our Loving God!

Sunday, June 18.  Trinity Sunday and Father’s Day   We will be looking at one of the most twisted and abused scriptures in all of the New Testament, the 2nd Chapter of 1st Peter.  These verses were used by American slave owners to continue the enslavement of African slaves and their descendants.  Unfortunately, these aren’t the only verses used over the years to suppress, violate, or discriminate against others.  So how do we find Good News when there’s so much bad news in our Gospel story?

Sunday, June 25.  Mission Trip Sunday.   Come be inspired and moved as we hear from the participants of the mission trip to Casas de Luz and Centro Romero.

Sunday, July 2.   Using the music of our faith tradition that has transcended Christianity to speak to the greater American experience, we will look at the special relationship faith has had with our country for good and ill.  What does Religious Freedom and Freedom from Religion really mean in the 21st Century?

Sunday, July 9-August 27, 2017.  The Gospel According to Harry Potter.    Using a mix of movie clips, book quotes, and reading from our Biblical story, we will examine our faith and what God is trying to communicate to us.  Here are the dates of which book/movie we will be using as part of our worship experience.

July 9 –  The Philosopher’s Stone.

July 16 – The Chamber of Secrets (Pride Sunday)

July 23 – The Prisoner of Azkaban

July 30 – The Goblet of Fire

August 6 – The Order of the Phoenix

August 13 – The Half-Blood Prince

August 20 – The Deathly Hallows, part I

August 27 – The Deathly Hallows, part II


Missed a Sunday?  Check out all the past sermons, and a selection of musical offerings on our YOUTUBE Channel!  

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