Vacation Bible School : It’s a Wrap!

The vibrant energy of children filled every corner of our church halls last week during Vacation Bible School (V.B.S.). From the early morning until the afternoon, laughter, songs, and creative activities echoed through the sanctuary and classrooms, all thanks to the enthusiastic participation of our children, Counselors-in-Training (C.I.T.s), volunteers, and supportive parents and caregivers.

This year’s V.B.S. was a journey through five different stories, each morning beginning with a dramatic play that set the stage for exploration and discovery. Led by our dedicated C.I.T.s, who spent mornings fine-tuning their roles, the opening plays were a highlight, bridging the gap between storytelling and immersive learning.

Throughout the mornings, the children’s curiosity knew no bounds as they engaged in movement, drama, and artistic expression across various themed classrooms. In the art & science room, they crafted Ichthys symbols, lanterns to spread Jesus’ light, tie-dye Earth reminders, and clay vessels symbolizing humility and service—a nod to Jesus washing the Apostles’ feet.

Meanwhile, in the active room, games became lessons in teamwork and following, drawing parallels to the disciples’ journeys with Jesus. The drama classroom sparked creativity as children designed their own costumes and reenacted pivotal scenes from Jesus’ life, from discussions with Rabbis to miraculous fishing expeditions.

Lunchtime became a communal experience, with shared meals strengthening bonds forged throughout the week. On the final day, edible bonfires crafted from twinkies, frosting, Doritos, and mini marshmallows added a sweet conclusion to their memorable journey.

A special acknowledgment goes to our C.I.T.s whose dedication and kindness shone brightly as they nurtured friendships and leadership skills among the children. Their efforts culminated in a heartwarming group performance with the children during Sunday’s worship service, showcasing their profound impact on the V.B.S. experience.

Gratitude extends to all who contributed—a kind word, snacks, meals, or their time as volunteers—all ensuring the safety and joy of our children and youth under the Safe Church covenant.

As we reflect on this time filled with love, learning, and joy, we are reminded of the Holy Spirit’s presence in every song sung, dance performed, and story shared. Together, we’ve created lasting memories that will continue to illuminate our faith journeys in the weeks and months ahead. Thank you to everyone who made V.B.S. 2024 an unforgettable success!

Please check out the photo and video album to witness the Holy Spirit’s presence in worship, drama, art, games, and while breaking bread together in V.B.S.

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