Children & Families

Families come in all sizes, configurations and hues – all of whom are cherished at KCC. We offer a joy and meaning-filled Christian education program for children, from infancy through high school. Come to make friends, to learn about the Bible, to articulate your values, and assemble your village – the village it takes to raise a child.

Children and youth have so much to teach us about faith. At KCC, young people lead worship, music and special events throughout the year including an annual Youth Sunday, a Children’s Christmas Program and Family Christmas Eve Service, among others. From a young age, we also invite children to participate in service projects, both within the church and beyond.

KCC also hosts treasured traditions for children and families within our community – the Halloween Carnival, Las Posadas, Easter Egg Hunt, and the Memorial Day Pancake Breakfast.

Visiting for the first time? Ask an usher to be introduced to Marg Stark, our director of Religious Education. Contact Marg at 619.284.1129 or by email at

Sunday School

Join us in the sanctuary at 10 AM Sundays for Traditional Worship. Children and youth spend the first 10 minutes in worship and depart for Sunday School after the children’s message. Infants and toddlers can be dropped off upstairs in the nursery 15 minutes before worship.

Safe Church

We provide a safe, nurturing environment in which to grow, learn and worship. For details, see our Safe Church policy. Fill out Emergency Contact and Field Trip Release forms here.

Baptism, Confirmation and Our Whole Lives

It is with great joy that we offer the sacrament of Christian baptism. To discuss baptism with the minister, please call the church at 619.284.1129.

Confirmation classes are offered for 6th grade and older students who are preparing to assume responsibility for their own faith journeys. At the end of Confirmation, the young people who elect to join, are welcomed into the church’s membership.

The award-winning Faith and Sexuality course, Our Whole Lives, is offered to 7th through 9th grade students, and older ones by request. As sexuality is a gift from God, we encourage young adults to identify their values, consider consequences, and approach decisions with their faith in mind.

Vacation Bible School

We get silly each summer, welcoming Preschool through 4th grade students into our midst for a week-long morning Vacation Bible School. Our VBS also offers volunteer opportunities for Jr. Leaders, 5th grade through high school.

Youth Group

Our 7th through 12th grade Youth Group meets in KCC’s Youth Hall Wednesday evenings, 6:30 to 8:30 PM, throughout the school year – with recreation, social and service projects in the summer. Here’s our current schedule (LINK) and outing releases.

At Youth Group, we…

Angie Gutierrez and Marg Stark lead our Youth Group. Contact Marg, the religious education director at our church, at 619.284.1129 or at

Adult Learning

Since God is still speaking, we are still learning!

Adults at KCC meet in a variety of forums for Adult Education opportunities:

Submit your ideas for upcoming series or after worship forums to Marg at

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