Worship Themes

Join us each Sunday as we offer In-Person, Live-Streamed, and On Demand services. Choose the option best for you and yours. Our In-Person worship services are at 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM each Sunday.

We Live Stream the 10:30 AM via our YouTube Channel and our website. Or you can experience our worship services on demand anytime that is convenient for you on our YouTube Channel, website, or Facebook page.


Here are the themes for our worship services this month at KCC! We hope in times such as these that the Worship Services lift your hearts and spirits, and let’s you know how much God loves you and is with you!


May Themes

May 1, 2022. The 3rd Sunday of Eastertide.
Scripture focus: Revelation 5: 11-14. 
Revelation is such a misunderstood book. One that is often used to scare and frighten. But to the earliest church, being persecuted and oppressed by Rome, it was a book of hope. That God was at work overthrowing empire, ending violence, and preparing to reconcile earth and heaven. The way it is done isn’t through the power of military might and economic strength … no God will accomplish this through the “least” and most vulnerable. Who will we stand with? We will celebrate the Rite of Holy Communion this Sunday.

May 8, 2022. Mother’s Day/The 4th Sunday of Eastertide. Scripture focus: Revelation 7: 9-14. This scripture gives us a powerful vision of the end times when suffering and pain are endured no more. Come bask in this beautiful passage of God’s ultimate care for the downtrodden and those who grieve and mourn this day.

May 15, 2022. The 5th Sunday of Eastertide. Scripture focus: Revelation 21: 1-6. And now we’ve come to the end of all things. And God’s vision of peace down by the river of life comes to fruition. It’s an immaculate vision of true and utter peace. And it is our abiding hope.

May 22, 2022. Ascension SundayScripture focus: Acts 1: 1-11. In this wonderful story, Christ ascends to heaven. This leaves the disciples bewildered and lost in their grief and anxiety for a moment. But then angels show up and give the disciples an outline for our walk in the spirit of Christ: Spend time in prayer. Get our bearings. Then get to work doing the mission and ministry of Christ.

May 29, 2022. Memorial Day Weekend.  Special One Worship Service Sunday that Starts at 10:00 AM. Scripture focus: Psalm 91. Come celebrate and honor the last ten years of ministry of our Senior Minister, Pastor Darryl. This will be Pastor Darryl’s final sermon at KCC. And he’s bringing back one of our favorite Sundays from our year’s together – our Baseball Themed Sunday! Wear your jerseys, t-shirts, hats, representing your favorite team! We’ll sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” Come be a part of this wondrous celebration of ten years of ministry together!

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