Celebrate Earth Day with Produce Good

Ronald Eng (member of Pioneer Ocean View) was inspired by the recent Partnership Church Gathering and wanted to keep the momentum going.  He is inviting members from the Partnership Churches to join him and Pioneer Ocean View in celebrating Earth Day.You are invited to a special Earth Day event on Saturday, April 22, 9am-12pm in Rancho Santa Fe coordinated by ProduceGood (producegood.org), a San Diego nonprofit organization that alleviates waste and hunger by reducing excess produce destined for landfills and donating it to organizations that feed our community. In 2022 ProduceGood rescued over 316,000 lbs of fresh produce from residential and commercial sources, thereby supplying 948,000 servings to San Diego’s food insecure.ProduceGood coordinates over 400 events per year, some very small-scale backyard donations, and others, like the upcoming Glean-A-Thon, are fairly large harvests. The deadline for registering for the Earth Day Glean-A-Thon event is April 4, 2023. There is no participation fee for the event, but we are respectfully requesting each participant identify a sponsor who will donate a flat amount or a team-based, per pound challenge amount.For more information, please contact Ronald Eng, ronaldeng5@gmail.com

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