March 12 Schedule

Sunday, March 12:

8:30 AM Sunday Worship In-person

9:15 AM Friendship Hour will be hosted in the Courtyard

10:30 AM Sunday Worship In-person (pictures of worship may be taken for the website)

  • Molly’s class and the middle Sunday school class will meet following the Children’s Moment. (Sunday school details below)

11:30 AM Parent & Guardian Potluck (details below)

Sunday School 

  • The Pre-K to first-grade class meets every Sunday in March. Thank you to Miss Jennifer for teaching on March 19 while Miss Molly is out of town.

  • The second-grade to fifth-grade class meets on Sunday, March 5 & 19.

  • The middle school class meets on Sunday, March 12 & 26.

Monthly Parent & Guardian Potluck: A Special Parent-Themed Talk Story, Sunday, March 12 from 11:30 PM to 1:00 PM in Lander Hall

During the next potluck, Pastor Brandon is offering a parent-themed Talk Story to support parents, guardians, and caregivers. Join the group to unpack concerns and stressors, and to evolve together in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Daycare will be available.

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