Our Whole Lives Update

The Our Whole Lives Program for eighth and ninth graders was scheduled to begin this month.

Unfortunately, there was not enough interest for many reasons. The facilitators will explore ways to meet the need for relationship and human sexuality education at KCC in the near future.

A growing relationship with Normal Heights United and University Christian shows the promise to increase youth participation in the OWL Program in the future. These churches, along with the partnership, are collaborating on a Confirmation Program that will begin in Fall 2024.

With the shared belief that that sex is a God-given gift, the Our Whole Lives curriculum was co-created by the United Church of Christ and Unitarian Universalist Church.

The Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Kindergarten-12 serve as the foundation for the curriculum. This is a fact- and science-based series of guidelines that were published by the Sexuality and Information Education Council of the United States.

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