Raise Your Hand: Teacher Assistants needed in Sunday School 

Molly shared her story of becoming a Sunday school teacher at KCC.  She shared that she began with some hesitation but soon came to discover that “now that I’m teaching most Sundays, one of the very best things about having time with these kids is that I’m able to affirm each one wherever they might be in their faith journey. Every single weekend I get to live out our church mission statement in a really tangible way. 

You too can discover the joy and surprising gifts found as an assistant teacher and can support the children and youth on their spiritual journey! 

Reasons to Volunteer 

  • It’s a fun way to support the children and youth on their spiritual journey.  
  • You will become a familiar face to our kiddos and a trusted member of their church community. 
  • It’s easy; no preparation is needed.  
  • It’s short-term; commit to two Sundays with the same class.  

How to Sign Up 

 What’s Next? 

  • Barbara will follow up with you to answer any questions you may have. 

To Learn More 

Do you know that each Sunday, the children experience moments of delight, surprise and joy? For those who are young-in-age and young-at-heart, opportunities for spiritual growth abound in the Sunday school community. To learn more, check out Molly’s experience at the 9-minute mark. 

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