Sunday, October 22 in Sunday School

8:30 AM Worship Service In-person

  • 9:15 AM Friendship Hour will be hosted in Lander Hall

10:30 AM Worship Service In-person

  • Sunday school meets following the Children’s Moment.

11:30 AM Friendship Hour will be hosted in Lander Hall


Sunday School 

  • All classes meet this Sunday for Sunday school.

  • Thanks to Miss Karen, Miss Molly, Chris and Rev. Rachel for being in community with the children and youth this Sunday.

  • This Sunday is the last day for Stephanie Vera, our Nursery Attendant, who is moving soon.

  • October Día de los Muertos Events include lessons in Sunday school (Oct. 22/29), and worship services & sugar skull-decorating in Sunday School(Nov. 5).

  • Save the date for the Live Nativity and Petting Zoo on Saturday, December 2 at 5 p.m. Meet at the Christmas tree in Kensington.

  • About the Photo-Last Sunday, Miss Karen read Something, Someday, by Amanda Gorman to continue exploring the themes in Acts 10. Afterwards, the elementary Sunday school class experimented with a second batch of slime, using different ingredients with great success!

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