Sunday, October 8 in Sunday School

8:30 AM Worship Service In-person

  • 9:15 AM Friendship Hour will be hosted in Lander Hall

10:30 AM Worship Service In-person

  • Sunday school meets following the Children’s Moment.

11:30 AM Friendship Hour will be hosted in Lander Hall


Sunday School 

  • All classes meet this Sunday for Sunday school. The youth continue working on Bible-themed comic books, the older children continue their exploration of Acts 10, and the younger children will learn about the alienation and conflict between Isaac and Ishmael in Genesis.

  • Thanks to Miss Marcia, Miss Karen, Brian and Rev. Rachel for being in community with the children and youth this Sunday. You bring joy, connection and stability to their lives. Join the fun in Sunday school at KCC! Check out the new teachers and classes here.

  • We are always looking for youth and adult classroom Helpers in Sunday School for November. To volunteer, send Barb an email.

  • October Events include the Día de los Muertos lesson in Sunday school (Oct. 22), Sugar Skull-decorating in

    Sunday School (Oct. 29), and the Día de los Muertos worship services (Nov. 5).

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