Supporting Migrants and Asylum Seekers at the Border

There is a large number of people seeking asylum and migrating across the Southern Border in San Diego County. Customs and Border Protection has been leaving these individuals and families at transit centers in San Diego as well as stranded in the desert near Jacumba.
Thankfully, many in our have acted quickly to offer respite, resources, and care.  Members of KCC and the MMO have been among those donating food, water, and much-needed transportation for refugees trying to connect with their friends and family.  Since being called into action on Friday, members from the Partnership Churches have been on the ground every single day at the Iris Avenue Transit Center in Otay Mesa and the Civic Center in San Ysidro providing hot meals and transport.
As a church near the borderlands, we have an opportunity to respond in a meaningful way and I encourage us to consider how we can live out our Kensington affirmation in this difficult situation.
Here are some ways you can directly support and make an important difference:
1) Prayer and education.  Being mindful of the stories of others is a key spiritual practice in the Christian faith.  Let us keep ourselves aware of what is happening with this sudden influx of asylum seekers.  As one Bible scholar and theologian once said, “Let us keep the newspaper in one hand and the Bible in the other.”
2) Donate basic necessities.  Check-in with Pastor Brandon ( to learn what needs are pressing.  Each day the needs shift but there is always a need.  Talk with Pastor Brandon for how we can get your donations to the asylum seekers on the border who need it.
2) Donate funds.  There are two organizations that are immediately responding to this current and evolving situation.  First, Border Kindness is using any and all donations to buy survival supplies in bulk (tarps for the desert sun, blankets for the desert nights, food, water, diapers, baby formula) for migrants who have been left stranded in Jacumba. You can Venmo @Border-Kindness, or write a check on Sunday made out to KCC with memo “Border Kindness” and we’ll get that donation to them.  Second, Partnership for Advancing New Americans is using donations to help settle the most vulnerable migrants into hotel rooms. Every dollar given goes directly to this safest form of shelter.
As residents of San Diego County located just miles from the Border, this is a call to be the church that is unique to calling this land home. Please be in prayerful discernment as to how you might be called to help support a generous welcome and be a neighbor for those newly arriving in our region.

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